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How Would Your Life Look Frame-Free?

Most glasses wearers have likely had a moment of frustration with their specs—has your vision been obscured by water droplets in the rain? Do your glasses get jostled while playing sports? Or worst of all, have you broken your glasses without a backup option handy?

Whether you prefer your look without glasses or just want more vision correction options, we can find the contact lenses that suit you. Visit OPT Optometric to explore the world of comfortable, frame-free vision correction.

The Difference in Contact Lens Exams

The Exam

A contact lens exam is similar to a comprehensive eye exam, with a few added tweaks. We check the quality of your tear film to make sure your eyes can support having lenses placed directly on their surface.

There are measurements specific to contact lens prescriptions. To find the perfect contact fit, we need to measure:

  • The curvature of the cornea
  • The overall condition of the cornea’s surface
  • Pupil size
  • Iris size

All this information combines to tell us what kind of contact lens could suit your eyes best.

Once Your exam is finished, we’ll find the contacts that best fit your eyes. Different types of lenses suit different eyes, from soft daily disposable contact lenses to rigid gas permeable lenses.

We can show you how to insert your lenses and will evaluate the fit once they’re in place. If they feel comfortable and you’re feeling confident about inserting, removing, and caring for the contacts, you can take them home for a trial.

We’d like to see you again for a follow-up appointment after you’ve been wearing your new contact lenses for a little while. This allows us to take a look at the surface of your eye to make sure the contacts aren’t causing any damage.

We can also make sure the contacts are working as you’d hoped—if you’re not happy with your vision correction, our job isn’t done.

Contact Lens Care

Proper care is critical to keep your eyes healthy with contact lenses. We’ll make sure to give you a detailed contact care run down when you have your contact lens fitting, but here are some tips to remember in the meantime:

  • Good hygiene is always the gold standard! Be sure to wash your hands before handling your contacts & clean your contact case regularly
  • Replace your lenses in the timeline provided—if you’re running low, replenish your supply with our online order form
  • Use the recommended contact solution—never water, never saliva
  • Keep your eye appointments up to date
  • Wear your contacts for the length of time specified & don’t sleep in them (unless they’re designed for it)
  • Always have a pair of glasses with an up-to-date prescription handy to give your eyes a break from contacts if they feel tired or irritated

Our Brands

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Air Optix Multifocal

Offering a range of prescription strengths, and smooth transitions across all distances near and far, Air Optix’s Multifocal lens provides one of the best experiences for anyone that needs a one month disposable. Quality, comfort, and the option to wear for seven continuous days make these an ideal option for those near or farsighted.

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Biofinity Multifocal

As we grow older, we lose the ability to focus on up-close objects, especially at night. This condition is known as presbyopia and begins around age 40. Balanced Progressive™ technology allows users of Cooper’s multifocal lenses to focus with ease and provides long-lasting, 30-day comfort.

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Zeiss MyoVision lenses single vision lenses are specifically designed to control myopia in children. Children have different anatomical and lifestyle needs than adults, and now there are myopia control lenses specifically tailored to meet those needs. These cutting edge lenses are made using the principles of peripheral defocus management, which helps slow the progression of eye elongation, hindering myopia progression.

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Ultra Multifocal

No need to switch to reading glasses with PureVision2 Multi-Focal lenses. Specialized 3 zone progressive design helps wearers' vision at near, far, and in-between distances. With thin, rounded edges, a natural feel throughout the day comforts users who strain to focus.

Our Location

We are proudly located in the Mission district. 

A bike lock station is located in front of our office. We are a short walk from the 24th Street/Mission BART Station, or metered street parking is available.

To ensure the best one on one experience we are currently scheduling appointments for all in office visits.

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