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There is increasing interest in adding a light, gradient tint called a “wash” to lenses for every day glasses.  Think Gloria Steinem, Steve McQueen, David Bowie…  now you want those lenses, too, huh?  All things cheesy get spun through the hipster ironic fashion cycle and land on the cover of Vogue eventually.  Remember how horrified you were as a kid when Aunt Minabelle knitted everyone the most garish seasonal sweaters imaginable and everyone posed in them?  Now we have ugly sweater parties at work, your favorite indie band members probably sleep in them, and it’s such a “lewk”, you can impress both your old high school english teacher AND the green light girl from 11th grade when you run into them while you’re sent to the store to pickup half n half this Thanksgiving.

Some manufacturers, such as Andy Wolf, who made the round, gradient wash glasses I’m wearing here, are selling their frames with a light tint already in them.

“Try this one – you don’t have to have the lenses look like that, but it would be really cool if you’re into it.”

“I look like a serial killer!”

“You’re welcome.”