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Round glasses are one of those shapes in eye wear that can read as both modern and classic at the same time.  They can evoke prep school, John Lennon and Janis Joplin hippie chic or roaring twenties elan.  And of course, there’s possibly the most overdone comparison to Harry Potter.  Countless times during a styling session, a patient will try on a remotely round pair of glasses and his or her shopping companion will exclaim, “You look like Harry Potter!!”  Don’t get it twisted – you will look like Harry Potter only if you, um look like Harry Potter.  The glasses he wore were black enamel with an antique silver bridge piece and temples (Fun fact: during rehearsal for the first film, Daniel Radcliffe had an allergic reaction to nickel present in his prop glasses so the designer William Luff had to remake them using rolled gold).  A round frame will make you look no more like Harry Potter than Clark Kent’s glasses made him look less like Superman.  To me, round glasses made of plastic give off more of a James Dean or Andy Warhol vibe while metal rounds can evoke anything from Ben Franklin to Teddy Roosevelt to Coachella.

Some of our patients like Len here have been buying round glasses from us since we’ve known them.  A round frame can help higher prescription lenses look less thick around the edges and can create a more natural field of vision for the wearer.  Can you wear round?  Probably – we’re not a fan of those “what frame styles work for what face shapes” guides you can find online.  We can throw out the rules and find a pair that advances your look.  Your face is unique to you – your glasses should be as well.