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We are often asked if there is a season or time of year when it is best to shop for glasses. Is it like buying a mattress? Where you’ll find the best deals on Memorial Day weekend? Is it the same as the latest and greatest appliances get released in September and October?

As I write this, Dr. Tawil is on his way back from Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, an annual confab of eyewear manufacturers showing their wares, optometry offices hunting for the next great line of frames, bleary-eyed reps hosting countless visitors to their booths, and some bad decisions being made over one-too-many complimentary cocktails. Personally, I think Vegas was a lot more fun back when the mafia was still running the show, but Vision Expo is certainly worth the trip to stay on the pulse of the industry and be among the first to receive the newest styles.

So would October be the best month to look for glasses, since the newest styles are sent to the stores following Vision Expo West?? Perhaps, but there is also a Vision Expo East in New York every Spring, Silmo just wrapped up in Paris, Munich hosts Opti in January, and MIDO hits Milan in February.

The truth of the matter is, manufacturers release new styles all the time. Even the styles previewed at the eyewear shows are sometimes released months after the last Instagram post of Optometrists snapping a selfie with their favorite influencer. Reps visit our office several times throughout the year to show new models, and there are always a handful of styles on backorder that trickle in over the months following. Oftentimes, someone buys a frame the day we receive it and then it is a few more weeks before we reorder it back into the shop. There is really no time of year when you won’t be able to walk into O p t Optometric and find frames you’ve never seen before.

We do have one tip for you, though. As we enter the last three months of the year, the glasses-buying season ramps up for patients who are trying to use their benefits before they recycle in January. The end-of-the-year deadline for some flex spending accounts looms large and folks come in to use it before they lose it. So the time of year when you will see perhaps the largest selection of styles is… right now! And don’t you want to schedule your eye exam and shop for glasses at a time that works for you, rather than clammer for a spot on New Year’s Eve?

Come on in – we can’t wait to style you in something you’ve never seen before.

And welcome back from Vegas, Dr. Tawil!