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Alexis is one of our Opticians, and she is currently supporting her mother through a fight against breast cancer.  As her mom began treatment, Alexis cut her hair short in solidarity.  Dr. Tawil and I wanted to do something to show our support, so Alexis will fire up the clippers on Thursday, October 25th and shave our heads.  It’s important to express how we do not feel like this is a sacrifice or a shared experience with what those fighting cancer go through of any sort.  We are not also shaving our eyebrows, pulling out our eyelashes, enduring surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and all of the other side effects of treatment.

We are not doing this to be “brave”, but rather to show our support by partnering with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for children’s cancer research.  300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year, and St. Baldrick’s funds more than 373 institutions that are treating kids with cancer across the U.S and beyond.  It’s grants, it’s research, it’s preventing lifelong damage young, developing bodies experience down the road due to treatments, it’s supportive care.

We are celebrating this opportunity to help!  If you would like to donate, visit our fundraising page below.  Help us try to give kids their best chance at long and healthy lives.